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definition: Year \Year\, n. [OE. yer, yeer]: 6 months, or until the next official nerd club lan party.

autonomous lan party [ALP]


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DARK's rig:

typePrimary Desktop
motherboard and processor
CPU2458MHz AMD FX-53 overclocked at 5734MHz
CPU [cooler]thermaltake 4/1 silent
motherboardAsus A8V / delux WiFi
cache [L1]1024KB
cache [L2]1024KB
cache [L3]1024KB
memory [total]2048MB at maximum PC4000 DDR SDRAM
memory [one]1024MB Corsair - PC4000 DDR SDRAM
memory [two]1024MB Corsair - PC4000 DDR SDRAM
drives :: IDE
IDE [max]
graphics and sound
graphics card256MB GeForce N'VIdia / Asylum 5600+ [AGP 8x]
sound cardSoundBlaser Audigy 2 ZX
speakers2 X 150w speakers with a 200w super circit Amp
headphonesOLD Koss Stero hedphones
display [model]Samsung - 955DF
display [type]19 inch CRT
display [res]1600x1200
operating systems
OS [one]Windows XP Pr0
OS [two]Linix Suse 9.1 pro
OS [three]Red Hat Linux 9.1
case and power supply
caseBG inc. Super Silver 25,21,11, ( H,L,W )
power supplyThermalTake 660 watt Goldpowersuply
internet connection
net [type]Cable [ 0 kbps | 0 kbps ]
input devices
mouseBlue Tooth MX 900
keyboardBlue tooth MX
cooling [one]Turbne in back
cooling [two]3 90 mil fans
cooling [three]3 76 mil hard drike koolers
cooling [four]2 fan fan card at the botem
cooling [notes]the power suply has a fan that cools it runing it to the turbine as the other 3 90 mils cool the iner case and the fan card cool