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definition: Year \Year\, n. [OE. yer, yeer]: 6 months, or until the next official nerd club lan party.

autonomous lan party [ALP]


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 26 Sep 2006 \\ Spam IS DEAD!!!
    Long live !!!!

    In other words, welcome to the brand new server. If you haven't already noticed, everything http is now https. Go ahead and head on over to and pick up their root certificate to get rid of those warning messages.

    If you have a shell/email account, contact me asap, as I am going to have to give you a new password before you can log in and/or check your mail.

    Be sure to let me know asap if there are any other problems!


    PS. In a twist of fate, the old server is currently not booting. If you really need something from the past day or two (when I synced everything), let me know and I'll see what I can do.

 25 Apr 2006 \\ ghazi
    I've implemented a couple of ban filters (one on the IP range 213.*.*.*, and one on email addresses * to cut back on unnecessary registrations and posts from spam accounts. I will continute to update them as new cases arise.

    If this has affected your ability to reach the forums for any legitimate uses, I apologize. Please contact me and I will adjust the filters as necessary (send me an email at ghaziATnerdclubDOTnet with a subject along the lines of " is blocking me now, you jerk!").

    Thank you, come again!

 20 Mar 2006 \\ Spam
    Sorry about the downtime experienced over the weekend. The switch that the server was plugged into decided to lock up just after I left for vacation. Things should be back to normal now. Let me know if they aren't.

 19 Nov 2005 \\ Spam
    The server will be down tomorrow (Sun Nov 20) from 7:30a to 3:30p due to a power outage.

 10 May 2005 \\ shadow
    What do you think of a console LAN party? Go here and tell us your thoughts.

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