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definition: Year \Year\, n. [OE. yer, yeer]: 6 months, or until the next official nerd club lan party.

autonomous lan party [ALP]


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Battle Of The Lans: lan parties must have at least 4 total ratings.

view list of all LANs available to rate

Battle Of The Lans Top 5
#1  3.35 The Network (25Jun04)
#2  3.02 The Network (11Jul03)
#3  2.96 The Network (29Dec04)
#4  2.78 Mega LAN III (23Jan04)
   2.78 The Network (02Jan04)
#5  2.64 Crackdown v5 Re... (31Jan04)
Battle Of The Lans Best Category
best originality 4.6 Mega LAN III (23Jan04)
best atmosphere 4.6 Mega LAN III (23Jan04)
best tournaments 3.73 The Network (25Jun04)
best power stability 4.71 The Network (29Dec04)
best network infrastructure 4.2 Mega LAN III (23Jan04)
best game variety 2.91 The Network (25Jun04)
best awards and prizes 3.29 Crackdown v5 Re... (31Jan04)
best food and drink 4.36 The Network (29Dec04)
  4.36 Crackdown v5 Re... (31Jan04)
best length of LAN 4.18 The Network (25Jun04)
best female presence 3.8 Mega LAN III (23Jan04)