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definition: Year \Year\, n. [OE. yer, yeer]: 6 months, or until the next official nerd club lan party.

autonomous lan party [ALP]


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chimera's rig:

nameT DUB
typePrimary Desktop
motherboard and processor
CPU1670MHz AMD Athlon XP 2000+
CPU [cooler]
motherboardMSI KT3 Ultra 2
cache [L1]0KB
cache [L2]0KB
memory [total]768MB at maximum PC2700 DDR SDRAM
drives :: IDE
IDE [max]
IDE [one]Western Digital 40 gig HD (raid)
IDE [two]Western Digital 40 gig HD (raid)
IDE [three]48x burner
IDE [four]16x DVD Drive
graphics and sound
graphics card64MB PNY GeForce 4 ti4200 [AGP 4x]
sound card
display [model]MAG
display [type]17 inch CRT
display [res]1280x1024
operating systems
OS [one]Windows XP Professional
case and power supply
caseChieftec Aluminum Server Workstation
power supply420 watts
internet connection
net [type]xDSL [ 768 kbps | 128 kbps ]
input devices
cooling [one]4 fans
cooling [notes]